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因大多的貨原是由日本供應 , 訂貨期需時 , 為管理貨品質量 , 我們也不會大量進貨 . 當付款後出現缺貨 . 該款項會退回或換其它貨品 . 我們會先作電郵通知 .

所有貨品包一次的郵遞或速遞費用 . 如因收件地址不詳、無人收件或拒收等而被退回。當包裹退回給我們時,買方需付另第二次的運費及包裝費總額的 5% 作重新寄遞。如取消訂購 , 需扣除運費及 30% 作損失 . 
國際郵遞的時間會受不同因素影響而延長,例如聖誕節、新年、複活節及其他長假期及当地 国家的海関及郵政效率 等。

郵寄海外國家,視乎當地的法例而定,你可能需要繳付附加費、稅項,就有關產品我們不能控製或申請進口許可証, 亦不會為該等款項或文件申領手續負上任何責任。如閣下完成有關之訂購程式,即表示接受條款,並為付運訂購產品的一切附加費、 稅項或進口文件申領事宜負責。

AdamBeauty 售賣的貨品保証商品與原廠相同,您無須擔心品質、仿冒及過期等問題 , 如沒特別理由 . 基於衛生問題 , 恕不接受更換或退款。  
我們盡把每件貨品安全包裝 , 寄到客人手上 . 若貨品萬一在運送途中損壞、請在 3 天內聯絡我們 , 並保留完有全部的包裝 , 以作安排更換 . 寄回的郵資亦由 AdamBeauty 負擔。  
收貨期已超過 14 天。  
產品已經開封或曾被使用 ( 例如包裝膠紙或盒被撕去 ) 。  

如証實失件 , 選用 EMS 或速遞方式的客戶 , AdamBauty 會另重新寄出 .
選用掛號郵寄海外的客戶 , 會按香港郵政條例賠償 , 以重量價定最多為港元 320 元以及需時 6 個月處理 .

All goods are originated from Japan where supply is limited. If unavailability after payment, refund or exchange will be arranged.

All prices include one delivery. In case of postal return for unknown address, recipient refusal; buyer will be responsible for second delivery fee and 5% of the order amount for re-packaging. Delivery charge and $30% of the order amount will be charged for order cancellation.
International postal lead-time may vary by different factors, such as special seasons, long holidays, local customs procedures and post office efficiency.  You may not receive your order as expected.  We recommend us EMS speed post.

Import Tax
We are not responsible for any documents or charges for import permits. Once purchase completed, buyers accept all the terms and conditions stated in our purchase policy. Buyers are required to bear all the local taxes and extra charges.

Return Policy
AdamBeauty only sell authentic and quality goods. No exchange or refund due to hygiene reason.
We pack our goods in great care before delivery. If damage is found, please contact us within 3 day and return it with the original package at our cost. We shall then arrange exchange.
Non-returnable items.
Over 14 days after goods receipt.
Products opened and used.
Product package is damaged, destructed or incomplete.

Lost and Replacement
For confirmed case of non-delivery, replacement will be sent to customers who have taken EMS or courier service.
According to Hong Kong Postal Guide, the maximum compensation value is $320 depending the weight and may take time up to 6 months